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Our History

Photo Centro Ecumenico Los Rubios with arcades of the patio in the Sun of the Mediterranean

The Los Rubios Ecumenical Center, inaugurated in 1986, is part of the history of the men and women of the Pedanía de Los Rubios. (4 km from Rincón de la Victoria).

The new building was built over what was a school for children since 1885 and chapel since 1897.

The aim of the project of the Ecumenical Center from its origin was to promote coexistence in peace and respect of all people, regardless of religion, ideology, race, nation and sex.

Photo from the year 1961 of the first chapel in the village of Los Rubios

It is a space for encounter and service that the Evangelical Spanish Church ( promoted and offered to the whole Oikumene - all inhabited land - for the development of human values and the construction of Peace in justice.


  • Arcade in the yard

    Photo through an arc of arcades in the green patio
  • The yard

    Photo from above on the halo with the water basin
  • Hibiscus in the garden

    Red hibiscus blossom from the garden of the hostel